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A client is a standalone project that implements a frontend (Graphical or otherwise) to the p2p, encryption and data sending facilities of the Tox core libraries.

Here is a list of clients available for testing and developing. Click an image to zoom in:

Name Description Screenshot Operating System Support
Toxic The second ncurses-based CLI (was in the core repository, is now in its own). Initially made by plutooo. Supersedes nTox. Screenshot of Toxic, running under Windows 8 through PuTTY. Windows, Linux, OS X
Venom A Vala/Gtk+ graphical user interface for Tox, written by naxuroqa. Screenshot of Venom running under GNOME3 Windows, Linux, OS X, OpenIndiana, FreeBSD (ports)
Qt GUI The first GUI written in Qt. Initially written by nurupo. Screenshot of the QT GUI, running under Windows 8 Windows, Linux, OS X
Poison The second GUI, written for OSX. Initially written by stal. Screenshot of Poison, running under Mac OSX OS X
winTox Lightweight Tox client for Windows. Screenshot of winTox, running under Windows Windows
Toxicity The fourth GUI, written for iOS. In alpha development, written by JmanGuy. Screenshot of Toxicity, running under iOS iOS
Antox A client written for Android by Astonex. Limited in features and very alpha. Screenshot of Antox, running under Android Android (2.2+)