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For info about clients see this page.


Name Arch Status
µTox 32/64 bit Weekly
qTox 64 bit Nightly
qTox 32 bit Nightly


For safety information please visit OS X.

Name Supports Status
qTox OS X 10.7+ Weekly stable

Mobile clients

Android (Warning: Experimental)

Subliun has ported antox to tox4j the new toxcore java wrapper. Antox is therefore no longer deprecated.

Fdroid: add

Google play beta:

Name Arch Type Status
Antox Arm apk Nightly


See Antidote


Apt/Aptitude (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.)

Notice: we recently revoked our keys and remade our repo

Please re-add it if you used it before.

Tox currently maintains Apt and Yum-compatible repos for our Linux clients.

Keep in mind that while we're currently working on packages for all of them, uTox, Toxic, qTox, ratox and tox-bootstrapd (the daemon for running a bootstrap node) are currently listed.

Use this shell script:

#remove old key
sudo apt-key del 0C2E03A0
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb nightly main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tox.list'
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https
sudo apt-get update -qq
echo "Tox Repository Installed."
echo "You can now install utox, qtox, toxic, ratox and tox-bootstrapd"

Yum (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, etc.)

Simply add to your repo list

On OpenSUSE:

Warning, this is currently broken, we need to make a special OpenSUSE repo with SUSE only packages

zypper ar --refresh --check{WIP}


The Tox overlay is now in the official layman list, for information visit overlays.


Many Tox related packages exist in the AUR. However, if you have an issue with Tox and you installed Tox using the AUR packages, please compile that package from source before filing a bug report. If the issue appears to be on the Arch maintainers side (eg: compiles from source fine, but the PKGBUILD fails), please contact the package maintainer and let them know!

Other Linux

Name Arch Type Build Author Status
µTox 64 bit Generic Jenkins Nightly
µTox 32 bit Generic Jenkins Nightly
Toxic 64 bit Generic Jenkins Nightly
Toxic 32 bit Generic Jenkins Nightly

Other Builds

Name Operating System Arch Type Build Author Status
µTox Windows 64 bit exe Jenkins Nightly
µTox Windows 32 bit exe Jenkins Nightly
Toxy Windows 64 bit exe Impy's Jenkins Nightly
Toxy Windows 32 bit exe Impy's Jenkins Nightly
uTox FreeBSD Generic ports ThTh Nightly
Toxic FreeBSD Generic ports ThTh Nightly
qTox FreeBSD Generic ports ThTh Nightly

Debug Builds

Debug builds are here

Nightly signing public key

Name: Tox build system <[email protected]>

Or on the Wiki here.

Before You Download

Before you download, you need to understand that Tox is still alpha software, and under heavy development. Therefore, Tox is not ready for day-to-day use. Furthermore, the code for Toxcore and its clients has not had a proper audit, and could contain dangerous security vulnerabilities. Therefore, we cannot guarantee security in any way. For more information on why, and what Tox is and isn't capable of, please refer to our General Disclaimer. That being said, thousands of people around the globe have devoted time, effort, and resources to the project in an effort for Tox to be as secure as humanly possible. While open source projects are not immune to serious longstanding security vulnerabilities, their threat is greatly reduced, as the code is open for anyone to review. Over time, as Tox gets closer to stable, a proper security audit will be conducted, and the code will be checked thoroughly for any possible security concerns.

Thank you for your understanding, and happy testing!

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